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New Beginnings!

May 5th, 2013

Welcome to the new and improved portfolio home of myself; Michael Knowles! All pretty and shiny and spiffy, no? Two years ago, when I first launched this website I had no idea where I was headed. At the time I was still dealing with the death of my father and grappling my own identity as an Artist and as a man. Fast-forward to the present and my oh my, how things have changed. I am at a point where I have never been as confident in my abilities as an artist and this confidence has trickled down into my personal life. Anyway, let me stop boring you with all this psycho-babble :).

Now, allow me to start off by saying that I didn’t really need a new website. My old design was still working perfectly and I really enjoyed the way it worked, however in one of my “moments of brilliance” I broke it. I had actually been working on this new design for a future date later on in the year, but I decided it was probably for the best to get a fresh start. The new is now a fully responsive design and by being responsive in its design, it means that this site adjusts and scales itself according to the device and window size you use, so this means you will get the same user experience on either your tablet or smartphone as you would on either a desktop or laptop.

I won’t bore you with much more details but I invite you to browse, enjoy, comment, critique and share with your friends to your heart’s content.

Thank you and welcome.

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